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GMK ThinkCaps, Iceberg, and Cyber Meka Deskmats are here! Be sure to let us know of any address changes. Click here for more info.
GMK ThinkCaps, Iceberg, and Cyber Meka Deskmats are here! Be sure to let us know of any address changes. Click here for more info.

ePBT Cool Kids 2 Keyboard Kit - D60Lite

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SKU ZH2539
Kit Options: HHKB Layout


  • GB Starts: June 1st 2021
  • GB Ends: June 30th  2021
  • Estimated Ship Date:2-3 months after the group buy
    • Structure:Gasket mount
    • Layout:60% WK and HHKB
    • Designers:KBDfans Wei ( D60lite ); biip ( ePBT Cool Kid


  • PCB: DZ60RGB-WKL/DZ60RGB ANSI V2, RGB hot-swappable PCB ( QMK and VIA supportable, Type-C, support Windows, Mac, Linux )
  • Plate: Polycarbonate
  • Stabilizers: KBDfans transparent stabs
  • Gasket: 2 sets of gaskets, injection-molded silicone gaskets, foam gaskets
  • Mute mat: install between PCB and Plate
  • Bottom silicone pad:which is tightly fitted. Compared with kbd67lite, it is a newly added configuration.
  • Case: PC+ABS material, using an injection molding process, the surface is matte, opaque
  • USB-C Cable
  • Colors: Bottom Case (white); Top Case (White), USB Port (white) - color matched with ePBT Cool Kids
  • Typing angle: 
  • Structure:Gasket mount

Not in Canada? No problem! Help save the elephants by grabbing the set at your nearest vendor!

KBDFans (Worldwide)
DailyClack (AUS)
Candykeys (EU)
Monokei (SEA)


Please do not combine with other group buys. Your order may be cancelled

Group Buys

  • Why am I being charged for shipping on a Keyboard Group Buy, I thought shipping is free over $300? 
    • Custom keyboards from group buys tend to be pretty heavy, so the normal Free Shipping wont apply. Deskhero is still on the highest discount tier shipping available for both CanadaPost and UPS so it shouldn't be too bad.  
  • What is a group buy? 
    • Group Buys are a method of sale similar to a pre-order. Payments are collected ahead of time in order to submit a bulk order to a manufacturer for production. Due to this, there is often an extended timeline from the order date to when the product is shipped out, with these timelines ranging from a couple weeks to several months. In all Group Buys posted here on the site I will include on the order page an estimated timeline for production and shipment.

  • You missed your estimated timeline. What's going on? 
    • We provide weekly updates for all group buys, so that customers can stay informed and up to date on the progress. Many times unforeseen issues can occur, which can cause delays.

  • Can I get a refund for my Group Buy purchase? I changed my mind. 
    • The nature of the GB process means that funds for refunds are not available after submission of the group payment to the manufacturer. Refunds may not be available after submission of your Group Buy order. Refunds will not be available after bulk order submission to the vendor. Refunds may be made available on a case-by-case basis at our discretion.