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$319.99 CAD
Officially our new flagship headphone, the Dragonglass uses premium Silvered high purity OFC Copper wire core from Viablue. Each channel utilizes 3 wire cores for a total of 12 cores. 

    ViaBlue EPC silver headphone cable have a tinned copper wires as a centre conductor, a silver-plated spiral shield and an aluminium PET film screen to completely shield all the faults, such as DECT or mobile phones, microwaves and mains hum, on all frequency ranges.

    The complete cable system is protected through a soft taping and protected with a flexible and satin sheath.

    Through this combination and specific composition of the chosen materials as well as the high-purity OFC copper, a complete and balanced sound map is achieved, that technically allows all frequency ranges to be linear and unaltered. 

    Technical specifications:

      • Developed exclusively for headphone applications
      • Conductors: 19 x 0,10 mm tinned OFC copper
      • Screens:
        • 1x silvered OFC copper braid, single-wires: 0,10 mm
        • 1x aluminium-PET foil
      • Banding: fleece-foil
      • Flexible sheath, semi-matt
      • conductor resistance max. 138.0 Ohm/km
      • Outer diameter: 0.90 ± 0.10 mm per wire core

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