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Deskmat - GMK CYL Dandy R2 [Group Buy]

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  • Start: May 3rd 2024
  • End: June 3rd 2024
  • Production Completion ETA: Q4 2024

Hi! So Dandy is back!

When R1 ran, the hobby was a completely different place. You will probably notice quite a few changes for this round. First and foremost, no second base, just going green. Going R5 and text+icon. Had to make some big cuts sadly, but I'm hoping you'll love and support it just the same.

This desk offers a textured surface for optimal mouse control and precision. With its captivating and sophisticated design, the Dandy 2 Desk Pad adds a touch of elegance to any office or workspace, making it the perfect companion for productivity and creativity. Designed by Sour.