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Don't forget to check out our Weekly Updates as of February 12th!
Don't forget to check out our Weekly Updates as of February 12th!

KAT Explosion - Preorder

by Rensuya
Pre-order now
$55.00 CAD
Kit Option

Inspired by an Explosive Fire Mage, Rensuya brings us KAT Explosion!

Limit 1 Kit Option per order.
Orders with multiple variants will be cancelled.

Rensuya is back yet again, with a new explosive keycap set! Inspired by a mage character who deals with fire and explosions, we're happy to bring you KAT Explosion.  We're also happy to feature two RAMA Caps for this KAT set!

There are two matching deskmats as well, for this set! Don't forget to grab one to pair with your set, available here!

You will need an alpha kit and mod kit to cover a board - be sure you grab both! For a fullsize or 1800CP board, you will also need the numpad kit.

Original group buy for this set was June 1st to July 1st 2020


For KAT sets, we must hit a total number of keys ordered in order to hit MOQ. The following per-kit MOQs will guarantee that we can get all kits made. If we do not hit the overall MOQ, the set will not run and all orders may be cancelled. For this set, the MOQ is 54k units.

Estimated Date of Delivery: 

  • KAT typically begin shipping a year after the end of the Group Buy. Q3 2021.


Do NOT Bundle this with other Pre-orders or Group Buys.