Chroma Soundweaver

This cable is a peacock, you gotta let it fly!  

The Chroma Soundweaver allows you to customize your perfect color combination to match your setup. Using high quality paracord this cable is one of the most durable, flexible and lightest sets available.

The default wire core is the Canare Quad Star L4E6S, with Silver UP-OCC* wire as an upgrade option.  

To combat interference the wire is braided in a a 4-round braid style throughout the body and then twisted after the split. Each strand contains the wire for each signal + ground for unbalanced cables, or positive & negative signal wires for balanced cables.  



*Note: Silver UP-OCC core option will consist of 1 wire per channel. For 2x25AWG Silver wires per channel see the SIlver Truthseeker

Chroma Soundweaver

$179.99 CAD

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