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We're proud to offer a Mechs on Deck color themed full nylon tactile switch using a strong tactile stem with an extended pole! This switch was designed by Chewwy and 0sirisTV from Mechs on Deck - and named after 0sirisTV's dog!

This switch has quite the tactile bump. It's most similar to Everglide Dark Jade/Moyu Black switches in terms of tactility, but has a different sound due to the full nylon housing. If you're looking for a strong tactile with factory lubing - this is the switch for you!


  • Tactile switch
  • Materials: Full nylon housing (opaque top, translucent bottom), POM stem
  • 65g gold plated spring
  • Factory lubed
  • 5 pin
  • Mechs on Deck Themed Colors

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Lawrence L.
      One of my favorite tactile

      I have U4T, Zealio v2 and these. It is for sure one of my favorite. However, it is a bit louder than the other two, so if you have to use the keyboard around other people might not be the best choice.

      Medium tactile

      Smooth medium tactile switch. I enjoyed them in my build.

      Omar P.
      Smooth Heavy tactile

      I found that these don't have leaf crunch and minimal spring ping. Definitely benefit from lubing, but Films aren't necessarily. Deep tone with medium in volume. Bump is heavy but sharp, less tactile than Sunflowers and a touch more than standard t1s. You won't regret this purchase

      U4T Competitor

      The Anubis are a really solid tactile switch that is a worthy substitute for the Boba U4T. Would recommend to anyone looking for medium tactile switches.

      Kevin S.
      Top Tier Tactile

      I was initially unimpressed (when compared to Everglide Jade Blacks) but after a few months with them in quite satisfied with their tactility. Would recommend these. Feel and sound great (though I did film mine with deskey films).